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About Us

Wayne’s Drains Inc. was established in 2000 by Wayne and Dot Barme to provide affordable high quality sewer & drain cleaning services to Boston and surrounding communities.

The Company started with two employees, one service van and one high pressure water jetting trailer unit. The business immediately began to grow, with new service vans & employees added to meet customer demands. In 2005, Middlesex Sewer Service Co. was purchased, expanding the company into the septic & grease waste disposal business. Today Wayne’s Drains has over 35 employees, 15 service vans and more than twenty other specialized vehicles and pieces of equipment. Wayne’s Drains maintains a full time mechanical staff to maintain & service all company owned trucks and equipment, keeping all assets in top operational condition.

In the May 2009 issue of The Cleaner Magazine, Wayne’s Drains was featured as the cover story. Recognition by an industry trade business was a great complement to the owners of Wayne’s Drains, Wayne & Dot Barme. The magazine generated many phone calls from sewer & drain cleaning companies from across the country seeking advice & information on Wayne’s Drains successful growth. Three sewer & drain cleaning company owners even visited Wayne’s Drains to view operations firsthand. Check out the article here.

The growth of Wayne’s Drains has been remarkable, but is only due to the ongoing quality of services provided to customers. No company cannot grow without a great reputation based upon customer satisfaction. Company growth has been driven by providing the widest range of sewer services eliminating the need for outsourcing any services.

Wayne’s Drains now provides services to residential, commercial, industrial & municipal customers. Our website was designed with two main purposes, first to highlight the services & equipment Wayne’s Drains provides and second to better inform our customers of the different types wastewater piping systems & how they function.

Electric Cable Snake Cleaning Of A Residential Sewer Lateral

For residential and commercial sewer lateral cleaning and under-floor piping, the electric cable snake machine can clear most blockages at an economical cost to the customer. Cutter blades attached to the end of the flexible steel cable available in different sizes and shapes for various pipe sizes. Cable machines can clear blockages & cut roots but lack the ability to flush pipes clean of debris. Electric cable snakes also have difficulty in clearing blockages that have oatmeal – sludge type consistany, these circumstances require high pressure jetting to open lines. In most cases, electric cable snake machines can clear 85% of blocked sewer laterals before high pressure jetting is required.

Waynes’s Drains Specializes In High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is the most effective method to clear blockages and clean pipes. Wayne´s Drains operates a wide range of high pressure jetting units suited to clean any diameter pipe. No matter what size high pressure jetting unit, the principle is the same. Water under pressure is forced through a nozzle attached to the end of a hose which pull the nozzle up a pipe while the expelled water cleans the pipe and washes away debris. High pressure jetting units can produce pressures from 2,000 to 4,000 PSI with water flows from 12 to 80 gallons per minute. 

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